Dual-SIM on iPhone XS and iPhone XR- Here’s How to Set It Up

Dual-SIM on iPhone XS and iPhone XR- Here’s How to Set It Up

Apple unveiled its first-ever dual-SIM capable smartphones at the iPhone event held in September. The company’s 2018 lineup consists of the iPhone XS ₹ 89,900, iPhone XS Max ₹ 109,900, and iPhone XR ₹ 76,795, all of whom come with support for one physical SIM card and another eSIM. With all of the three models now in India, private telecom players Airtel and Jio have announced dual-SIM support on their cellular networks for the iPhone 2018 range. Here’s a step-by-step process on getting the Airtel eSIM to work on your iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR in India.

How to set up dual-SIM with eSIM on Airtel’s network

To initiate the process, start by texting eSIM *your registered email address* to 121. If the email is deemed valid, you will receive a response detailing the shift to eSIM from physical SIM. To confirm the eSIM change request, users will be required to reply with “1” within 60 seconds of receiving the SMS message. In case of invalid email address, Airtel users can change their credentials by sending “EMAILUPDATE” to 121.

Once the SMS consent is received by Airtel, another SMS will be sent to you that will inform you of an upcoming confirmation call. This call is important as Airtel will cancel the eSIM request if you do not provide consent on the call. Once that is done, yet another SMS will be received that details the confirmation. A QR code will be generated, and sent on your email address, after about 2 hours of this confirmation…….Read More>>